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Vokashi month one

Two days before I became vegan, I watched Vegucated, Forks Over Knives, and Earthlings in rapid succession. My fact-finding missions are often cram sessions, from breezing through five travel memoirs in a few weeks, to reading thirty tabs worth of related Wikipedia articles in one evening. So when I suddenly craved some environmental impact education over a weekend in December, I watched No Impact Man, Tapped, and Bag It.

Each of the documentaries was fascinating, if not positively horrifying (re: our plastic usage), but what stuck out the most was that Colin and his family composted all of their food waste in No Impact Man. They did so by using soil and live worms in an everyday, clear plastic bin. It bred flies and smelled, well, exactly how you’d imagine pounds of rotting food would. But the concept of indoor composting intrigued me, and I thought that in New York City, home of Mother Nature’s I-wear-washable-maxi-pads-I-buy-on-Etsy hipster offspring, surely there must be other, odor-free options.

A few minutes of googling later, I found Vokashi. It’s a Brooklyn-based company that employs a Japanese method of fermenting waste without air and uses the compost at community gardens around the city. My roommate and I agreed that we were more than happy to pay the $40 a month for Vokashi to arm us with a thick-lidded, recyclable bucket (and bran to layer in with every few inches of waste) and pick it up and replace it with an empty one once a month.

I used to feel guilty when I lacked the appetite for a leftover dish or produce grew mold before I could eat it — with a Jewish grandma, who wouldn’t. Now I don’t have to feel bad for discarding otherwise edible food, along with orange peels, asparagus bottoms, and coffee grounds. I’m saving food from biodegrading sadly in a landfill to no human or polar bear’s benefit, one bucket at a time!

Photo Copyright Vokashi

As a dutiful recycler already, now I’m sure that I throw away much, much less than the 4.43-pound-per-day national average. Although I still fish through our trash to pick out the food that my roommate haphazardly tosses in there—whereas I will drain the brine from a pickle jar with glee, just to retain the peppercorn and dill seeds for the bucket—it’s been a successful first month using Vokashi. Now that I’ve adopted this apartment composting lifestyle, I hope to move on to reducing purchases of single-serving packaging and things that come in non-recyclable plastic containers, frequenting greenmarkets more often (with my loyal Cath Kidston tote), and (buying and then) remembering to bring a Clean Kanteen coffee mug with me for Starbucks runs.


Love Being Vegan

My first Conscious Box!

Oh, hi, Alicia! How nice of you to stop by your own blog every two months or so!

Now that I’ve passively owned up to starting a blog that I updated for exactly twelve days before going MIA for eight weeks, we can move on to the purpose of this post, which is to tell you all that I love being vegan so very much. I am a passionate vegan — and those are words that made me want to puke not more than seven and a half months ago when I first became one. I love meeting other vegans, I love telling people why they should be vegan, and I love eating vegan food.

Which is why Zach, my boyfriend, got me exactly and exclusively a million little vegan things for Christmas: two flavors of vegan queso, two flavors of gourmet ketchup (I love ketchup so much that I put ketchup on my ketchup), a vegan cookbook, a vegan muffin cookbook (the greatest!), liquorice, and a 6-month subscription to a vegan Conscious Box. Well guess what, fishes? My first box came today.

Inside, I found products that even if I have heard of, I haven’t tried, which is precisely why Zach bestowed upon me this subscription — because he knows that I love trying (sampling, like a pu pu platter, except all the time) new things more than anything else in the world. I am someone who cannot resist making puppy eyes to score a bite of dinner off your plate, will whisper if I can sneak a taste your roommate’s snacks, and pretends to be indecisive to justify coming back for a second or third free sample at Whole Foods.

The Conscious Box included: a caramel apple flavored Happy Squeeze Treat, a packet of mustard bath, hemp seeds, a protein bar, a glass straw, a sample of a superfruit drink called Koopuwa, and a few other things. But the fine people at Conscious Box could have forgotten to include all of that and instead have sent me only one of the things in the box, and it would have still been amazing.

Hail Merry

Because holy balls, Hail Merry chocolate macaroons are the most delicious dessert EVER! I want to devour all of them that exist on Earth! You’ve got to run to your local healthy food store as though your life depends on it (because it 100% does), and buy them immediately! Or, if you live in Oklahoma, or it’s three in the morning, or you have a broken talus, take the sedentary, but equally wise, approach and order them in bulk online, after which a man in a drab brown uniform will deliver them to your doorstep, and if you can unstick yourself from the couch, you can snatch the box from his grasp, tear open the seal even before he clomps to the bottom of your stoop, and gobble them up like Cookie Monster in a bakery’s kitchen.

What are you waiting for?